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Purely Posh Events oozes creative ideas along with planning stunning events! From creating events such as magical weddings in a castle, quiet weekend for two, flying away in a private helicopter landing on a yacht, mad party for 40 people in a luxurious penthouse on the top of the world, fashionable celebrity events, glamorous film/theatre premiere/after parties, product launches, day hotel conferences and corporate team building weekends, Purely Posh Events offer all the guidance one needs for their special event.

Challenged where to begin with your event? What food and drink to serve your guest? Where do you need to host it? In your home, at a penthouse of a five-star hotel or in a grand venue? Whether your event needs to be a black tie affair or a color coded evening? Purely Posh Events offers all the direction you need along with arranging the whole event!

Private & Personal Events
Purely Posh Events organize a wide variety of private and personal events including weddings, civil partnerships, hen and stag nights, weekend breaks, birthdays, anniversaries graduations, summer picnics, dinner parties, engagements, honeymoons, pooch and puppy parties, children parties and “funky” funerals.

Entertainment & Corporate Events
On the corporate and entertainment side, we are able to organise events as diverse as fashionable celebrity events, glamorous film or theatre openings and after parties (press nights), product launches, fashion shows, event competitions, corporate events for finance, banking, law and oil industries and day and evening business networking events. With our long experience in organising events and unique network of suppliers we may assist or manage all aspects of your event:

Venues; stately homes, hotels, business centres and churches
Professional and courteous waiting staff and caterers
Personal chefs
Lighting, decor, florists, flowers, and arrangements
Choirs, organists, entertainment, bands, and discotheques
Champagnes, wines, cocktails, and ice, or a whole bar
Hair and make-up
Photography and video
Security and valet parking
Invitations and RSVP management, printing and distribution
Menus, food, and cakes

Our flexibility allows us to arrange all or any part of your event from finding an exclusive venue to solely supplying catering, entertainment or transport, to orchestrating the entire occasion. Uniquely, we are far from tied to any of our sub-contractors and are aware of the changing markets. In this way, we are able to tailor our choice of supplier to every taste and budget.

Worldwide Events
Purely Posh Events organizes ultimate and high event events in worldwide luxury accommodation and travel destinations. We are able to offer ultimate overseas luxury accommodation, travel destinations, and event planning. Whether it’s the latest new hotel in Paris, skiing in Swiss Alps or 12 suites New Years Eve in Italy; we have the knowledge and global resources to handle each and every request. Only some of the country we cover for event planning and destinations are UK, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and many more centrally European countries. Ask and we suggest!

Particularly when organising weddings and other special events Purely Posh Events luxury for us means to service the ability to be creative and the presentation. We are aware clients, whether planning a private or corporate event, need luxury whatever the investment.

We ask our client for creative freedom so we are able to create an event with their style and design as the focus and meet their investment. Our mission is to educate our client and be forthcoming with what their dream event costs and how we may take their selected elements and create it with her investment in mind. We create beautiful events the with assistance of our client.

Hotel Awareness Events
If you are seeking more awareness for your hotel to the UK market we are able to work with you in organising an Awareness Event in London for your Hotel or venue. This event may consist of sourcing a venue in London and inviting clients from our database who still need to hear about your hotel. This evening event offers you the opportunity to showcase your hotel to approx.300- 500 guests (or the amount of guest you prefer). The evening aims to consist of drink reception, a presentation of your hotel to the guests along with showcasing aspects of the hotel. We aim to bring the essence of your hotel to the forefront on the evening. Also from the evening, you are given all guests email addresses which become part of your database for future use in regards to sending more information, exposure about your hotel and keeping them in touch with your hotel.

Keen to offer more exposure to your hotel, however far from the need to host a large event in London? We are able to work with you on an email-out opportunity. We mail out any information about your hotel/organisation in regard to events or packages to our database to inform them about your venue/business happenings.

With choosing Purely Posh Events we offer you an abundance of great ease and comfort, an indulgence in something, which provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease without you lifting a finger to your overseas event. Purely Posh Events provides the most stylish service to make the ultimate overseas holiday or event come true! Need this special event to be remembered? We do our best to make your special day and event “purely posh”!

"A good event is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours."
- John B. Priestly -
"At a dinner party one should eat wisely but not too well, and speak well but not too wisely"
- W. Somerset Maugham -